About Me


About my art: Watercolor is my medium of choice and I have found it to be extremely versatile. In my sketches, it adds to the richness of the scene or object and works well with ink and other media. In my finished work, watercolor gives me the opportunity to be as detailed or as loose as I want. With botanical art the details are significant and I find that what I am doing is actually drawing with the brush. By contrast, the landscapes and sketches are very loose. My art is evolving–I learn something new each time I pick up a brush–and this is what makes it exciting for me.

About me: I have studied art throughout all my schooling and continue to hone my skills with instructors whose work I admire (Gwen Bragg, Lara Call Gastinger, Iain Stewart, Linda Baker, Michael Holter, Linda Miller, Mark Taro Holmes, Shari Blaukopf, Ian Fennelly, etc.). My professional career was in graphic arts and advertising, but my heart is always happiest when I am drawing and painting. In 2013 I was fortunate to be invited to join Sketching Workshop, an online group of 150 artists from around the world. These people have also become my teachers, colleagues and friends. Art is a solitary endeavor so it is important to me to be connected to other artists, both in person and in cyberspace. I am also very grateful to my ‘tribe’ in Fredericksburg.

About my studio: Since 2015, I’ve rented a studio space in Libertytown Arts Workshop in Fredericksburg. Since the 2020 pandemic, I have not been working there. Libertytown is currently open to mask-wearing, physical-distance keeping customers so the art in my studio can still be purchased. I am not currently teaching and have no plans to in the foreseeable future. I will try to keep you updated on the situation as things unfold. Stay safe.


  • The North Windsor Artists, a group of 10 artists working in the Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • LibertyTown Arts Workshop
  • Virginia Watercolor Society
  • Sketching Workshop, an online, international group of 150 artists
  • Urban Sketchers, an online group of plein air sketchers
  • Urban Sketchers Fredericksburg, a Facebook group of like-minded artists

I may be contacted at paularaudenbush@gmail.com